Jeffrey Zhou
The Digital Transformer
BA & MS, University of Chicago

Performed with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (soloing on the traditional Chinese bamboo flute)
Mary Royall Wilgis
The Brand Magician
BA, University of Virginia

Went skydiving with her 80 year old grandmother. Who jumped first?
Hi there, we're
We love terrariums, happy hours, and funny virtual backgrounds.
Charles Jacobs
The Fearless Leader
BA, MA, PhD work, University of Michigan

A South American software company called him "Shaman" and insisted he run a workshop in a Nahautl sweat lodge
Bill Bradley
The Algorithm Architect

Co-founder of Mirabolic
BA, Harvard | MA, University of Cambridge | PhD, MIT

After losing his camel in the Sahara, would only ride again on Wednesdays
Karl R. Knaub
The Data Whisperer
Co-founder of Mirabolic
BA, Swarthmore | PhD & MS, University of Washington

Born and raised in Appalachia, in a small town famous only for its New Year's Pickle Drop
Claudia Vianello
The Great Communicator
BA, Kalamazoo College | MA & PhD work, University of Michigan

Swallowed a live goldfish on a dare from a client (a really big client)
Ted Fleming
The Mentor
BS, Dartmouth | MBA, Duke

Sang for his supper, and tuition, in two bands while in college
Paul Sherman
The Grand Inquirer
BA, Harvard | MEd from Boston University

Sang in Red Square with the Harvard Glee club
Greta Dzieciaszek
The Performance Psychologist
BA, Lawrence University | PsyD, University of Denver

Ran 5 ultra-marathon relays across the US
Gregg Lichtenstein
The Way Out of the Box Thinker
BA, Penn | Ph.D from Wharton

Spent a year traveling around the world for his honeymoon at a cost of only $11,000 (don’t ask how)
Jack Dunkenberger
The Jack of all Trades

Was ALMOST a contestant on America’s Got Talent (ask him about it)
Scott Richards
The Performance Artist
BA & MFA, Brandeis

Played Joey’s acting teacher on Friends
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