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"Leadership is like climbing a spiral staircase in the dark. You don’t know where the stairs lead, and as each stair is climbed, the previous step disappears."
“Slime mold can teach us a lot about how to work together, perhaps because without brains they’re incapable of rational thought.”
“Developing new skills or moving from one skill level to another requires a transformation in the abilities of the entrepreneur.”
“Only you can truly know what matters to you, what makes you come alive and feel good about your life. Your parents, friends, and spouse can't tell you. Only you really know.”
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"Might soften the touch - and boost the effectiveness - of many a corporate drill sergeant." 
"Lively and often likably eccentric... a solid job of surveying some sensible management practices." 
"Turns prevalent management theory on its head... will have lasting impact on how it is taught in business schools and implemented in organizations."
"Armed with some startling scientific data... persuasive."
"Raises fascinating and important questions. Managers should take them seriously." 
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