Stories Transform Businesses

A Strategic Plan on Steroids

Because they integrate intellect and emotion, planning and doing, narratives don’t just specify what needs to be done, but how it should be done, merging the plan and its execution, and building engagement.

Their unique power cuts through the preconceptions and habits of mind that are obstacles to change. Addressing the source of our thoughts and actions, a well-crafted narrative creates the culture that supports the business plan, the only effective way of ensuring meaningful change.

The Rapid Business Transformation Workshop

Take what we’ve learned from neuroscience, apply it to an organization, and the result is an agile, high performing team with focus, alignment, and engagement. When guided by science as well, the transformation happens rapidly and predictably.

The overarching narrative integrates a competitive strategy leveraging differentiation, and an aligned culture ensuring execution. The critical few strategic imperatives with clear measures support an aspirational vision and provide focus. Decisions and actions are scientific experiments, quickly confirmed or amended based on their success or failure.

We build organizations like these rapidly by facilitating a structured two-day process for leadership teams. Starting with the creation of an aspirational narrative, the team then systematically addresses the strategy, culture, structure, and process it needs.

Overcoming the legacy thinking and biases that impede change, the process maximizes participation and creates engagement. At the conclusion of the workshop, the team has a clear, simple action plan to guide the change, and a smart, highly motivated team eager to make it work.