180 partners does incredible work! They’ve now worked with three of our business units on strategic execution, including one in India, and in just a short period of time, all have improved immeasurably. The businesses just work better and the people are more engaged. Charlie is particularly adept at creating a powerful narrative to frame our transformation initiatives.

– Boris Levin, President, Nypro Healthcare   


180 Partners has an amazing ability to cut through the static and noise in a business and identify those two to three things, that if changed, will have the greatest impact on a business. Charlie took our biggest bottlenecks and created teams with a new level of collaboration and accountability to address them. Not only did they identify the problems, they created the solutions and had pride in their effectiveness. This sort of internal collaboration created faster, better results and with much less effort. More importantly, it endures and has left us with a culture of employee ownership and accountability. Priceless.

– Andrew Salisbury, CEO, Videlica   


Charlie Jacobs and 180 Partners have mastered the art and science of driving rapid strategic change in organizations. A gifted facilitator, Charlie is remarkable in his ability to align senior leadership teams around a shared agenda, and to craft innovative approaches for gaining the organizational focus and commitment required for implementation. 180 gets the job done!

– Paul Sherman, Vice President, Vertex Pharmaceuticals   

Information Technology

I have worked with Charlie multiple times in different circumstances over 15 years and each time he impresses me with his ability to understand the key elements of organizational transformation, pick out the pieces that I might have missed, and to create a simple plan that helps accelerate our transition. His insights have always been accurate, critical, and valuable.

– Allen Shaheen, Senior Vice President, IT Outsourcing   

Digital Media

I’ve used 180 partners with several of the companies I’ve run over the last decade and the results have always exceeded expectations. The organizations have become more focused and dramatically better at executing. In each case, there has been a significant and measurable improvement in performance. I personally have benefited tremendously from Charlie’s coaching.

– Ben Levitan, CEO, IMN Inc   


Charlie Jacobs is a master mechanic for organizations.  Using the 180 Partners tool set he sized up the key organizational challenges immediately, and then, much more quickly than I thought possible, moved the organization towards a much higher level of smooth running teamwork with a much greater level of employee engagement.  We are very happy with the results.

– Ben Vigoda, General Manager, Lyric Labs | Analog Devices Inc.