The Story Sells

Changing Minds to Change Behavior

Whether it’s as a leader, a sales person, or the member of a team, the ability to influence others to do what we need is the single most valuable skill we can have. We are all in sales and the narrative is our most powerful tool.

Appreciating the story others are telling themselves enables us know what it takes to motivate them. The narrative we then create positions our products and services, or the actions we wish others to take, as meeting their needs and wants. Subtly but effectively, the story changes the mind to drive the behavior we want.

The Changing Minds Workshop: The Science and Art of Influence

Neuroscience has revolutionized our understanding of how people think and work. It’s not reason that drives our actions, even when it comes to our own self-interest, but our emotions. It’s not objectively what we’re being asked to do, but how we think and feel about it.

Whether it’s selling products or services, building collaboration, or just trying to convince our teenagers to do the right thing, the most effective approach is to change the narrative that drives thoughts and feelings.

In this deeply engaging workshop, participants learn the science of how to influence others by leveraging the way the mind naturally works. They become proficient in the use of narrative to build authenticity, to empathize, and to pro-actively manage relationships.

Acquiring both understanding and a skill set, participants create and practice communicating stories. By learning how to learn, they continue to develop their ability long after the workshop has ended.

Executive Coaching: Communicating a Compelling Narrative

For executives short on time or wishing intensive work on a particular presentation, we offer face-to-face and remote coaching over video conferencing. This enables us to work on the content, the overall narrative structure and the presentation style.