It’s Game Changing

The latest discoveries of neuroscience have turned our understanding of how we think and work literally on its head. We now know that what we perceive is more a result of what’s going on inside our heads than out in the world, our decision-making is driven emotionally, and we process our experience as stories.

As the way the mind works, narratives are the most powerful technology available for changing individuals and organizations.

Because they are fundamentally how the mind works, they have enormous utility in any situation that involves people. When we formulate strategy, they are a more comprehensive way of thinking about customers, competitors, and our own capability.

When we execute strategy, they should drive the design of structure, processes and systems. The culture that determines how people think and behave is best thought of as the collective story of an organization.

We see narratives as MindWare: a structured process for thinking through every aspect of a business. It is the next stage of the evolution of our cognitive ability, moving beyond logic and even systems thinking to incorporate the perceptions and emotions that ultimately determine the decisions we make and the actions we take.

Whether it’s creating a comprehensive narrative for an organization, dealing with disruption, or just addressing a particular obstacle to performance, narrative thinking simply produces a better result.