Measureable Results

We are a different kind of firm. We challenge the conventional wisdom on how services should be delivered, we form true partnerships with our clients, and we put ‘skin in the game,’ basing our fee on the accomplishment of our clients’ measurable objectives.

Ultimately, though, it is the visibility we provide, our speed, and the results we produce that make the difference for our clients. We recently:

  • Reduced the expenses of an integrated steel mill with eight hundred million dollars in revenue by eighty-five million dollars within the first year
  • Increased the profits of a software distributor by 45% in one year, leading to their acquisition for a rich premium
  • Grew the revenues of a start up internet security company 40% within three months, making the quarter for only the second time in almost five years
  • Facilitated the design and implementation of an initiative to upsell more value-added services for a global information technology outsourcing firm, increasing their revenues 14 million dollars in the first quarter with a potential of 120 million for the year
  • Streamlined the organization of a medical device manufacturer, growing revenues by 11% in the first quarter with expenses held flat