Leadership Is Storytelling

A New, Scientific Paradigm

Transformational leaders create and tell the story of an aspirational vision of the future, the challenges to achieving the vision, and the changes needed to overcome the challenges.

It is the story that engages people and makes it clear both what they need to do to be successful and how it should be done. All great leaders have an aspirational narrative.

The Leading Minds Workshop: The Science and Art of Performance

Because all of us are driven by the story we tell ourselves as individuals or members of an organization, the only effective way to change decision-making and behavior is to shift the paradigm by changing the story.

The leader’s new story needs to be aspirational, realistic, and explicit in how thinking and behavior need to change. With the story in place, objectives, feedback, and reason will have the effect we want.In this workshop, participants learn the latest scientific understanding of how the mind works and the most effective way to change decision-making and behavior.

They develop and practice communicating an aspirational narrative to drive their own behavior, engage their followers, and manage performance effectively.This is authentic leadership, with the aspirational vision ensuring engagement and the alignment of all decisions and actions needed to achieve it. It brings out the best in everyone.


Executive Coaching: Leading from the Narrative

Our science-based approach starts with real-time data from the organization to create the awareness that motivates change. We then work with the leader to create the aspirational narrative that works best for their organization. It serves as a plan for what they need to do, and a guide for how best to do it.

By addressing the mindset that drives behavior, the leader quickly becomes aware of what improvements may need to be made. The one-on-one coaching relationship enables us to provide the timely practice, feedback, and follow up to ensure the appropriate behaviors become second nature.