Managing Inside Out

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: June 10 , 2013 | Category: BusinessNeuroscience

Much has been written about managing upside down and inverting the pyramid. Even I have contributed to the discussion. The idea is that a manager should be supporting employees rather than commanding them, with fostering participation and empowerment the approaches of choice.

But what we're learning from neuroscience suggests that this isn't going far enough.

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Love That Dirty Water

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: May 29 , 2013 | Category: BusinessGeneralNeuroscience

The phrase that kept running through my mind was "a rent in the fabric of reality," and the image in my head was a tear in the painted backdrop of one of those light-hearted stage plays, revealing something dark and foreboding.

The day of the Boston Marathon bombings recalled others: the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the World Trade Center bombing. Once again, we were glued to the television, listening to the hapless newscasters filling the hours, retelling the same stories because there was nothing more to say.

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Don’t Ever Trust Your Mind

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: May 21 , 2013 | Category: BusinessGeneralNeuroscience

Given the way the brain processes information, we can't trust that our minds are giving us a faithful rendering of our experience. Streams of data from our senses are combined with our memories, expectations, and even desires before we become consciously aware of what's going on in the world.

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Is Your Boss a Sociopath?

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: May 16 , 2013 | Category: BusinessNeuroscience

There is now research to back up what many of us already knew--there are some crazy managers out there. A disproportionate number of C-level executives have sociopathic tendencies, according to a recent study. But what does this actually mean?

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Making Your Employees Smarter

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: May 15 , 2013 | Category: BusinessNeurosciencePerformance Improvement

Of all the resources managers have, their people are clearly the most important to their success. While hard assets, technology, and money are critical, it is people that determine how they're employed.

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