Making Your Employees Smarter

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: May 15 , 2013 | Category: BusinessNeurosciencePerformance Improvement

Of all the resources managers have, their people are clearly the most important to their success. While hard assets, technology, and money are critical, it is people that determine how they're employed.

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Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: March 16 , 2013 | Category: BusinessNeurosciencePerformance Improvement

I hate to disappoint you, but this post is not about salacious content that titillates our neurons. The term neuroporn, according to the New York Times, has been coined to describe the blatant overreaching of neuroscience.

You know a topic is hot when it's referenced in the President's State of the Union and 100 million dollars is allocated to fund research into it.

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Don’t Eat Ice Cream When Managing

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: March 16 , 2013 | Category: BusinessPerformance Improvement

Neuroscience is producing some stunning discoveries. But given the four part Latinate terms used to describe areas of the brain, the over fifty neurotransmitters that have been identified, and the unimaginable complexity of neural networks created by forty quadrillion connections, the practical applications of the discoveries are not always clear.

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Why Football Players Pat Each Other on the Butt and Other Lessons of Leadership

Posted by: csjacobs | Posted on: March 14 , 2013 | Category: BusinessGeneralNeurosciencePerformance Improvement

(Originally published in "Psychology Today")

What would I say in a talk on leadership to a professional sports team, Kaitlynn Myers, a Yale psychology student, asked me in an email, and all I've been thinking about since is how to answer her question.

It’s usually people from sports that are brought into coach business groups, not the other way around. Lou Holtz, the former head coach of the Notre Dame football team, is a fixture on the business lecture circuit, but I never hear of the steel industry’s turnaround artist Wilbur Ross being brought into address a struggling football team. We hear often of inspiring speeches in the locker room, but they’re a rare occurrence in the conference room.

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