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Improving business performance by applying the latest brain science

Our unique and cutting-edge approach is producing fast and stunning results

Driving Business Results

A business is only as successful as the quality of its strategy and the ability of its organization to execute. But according to the latest research in brain science, our conventional approach to both inevitably falls short.

Driving Business Results by Leveraging How the Mind Works

Because of the inherent limitations of logic, our strategic thinking doesn’t do a good job of accounting for multiple rounds of competitive interaction, or the challenges of implementation.

Based on an outmoded view of how people think and work, the way we design and manage our organizations isn’t effective at driving the behavior we need. In fact, it often produces the opposite of what we intend.

But with the advent of new brain scanning technology, we now have a much better understanding of how the mind works. When integrated with the latest research in management, it enables us to produce more robust strategies and the performance-oriented organizations needed to implement them.

Our Smart Execution℠ is a systematic approach to strategic execution, grounded in the hard data of science. It’s a framework and a set of tools that enables you and your team to rethink your business, from strategy through execution.

Based on the ground breaking work of Charles Jacobs in the award-winning, Management Rewired, Smart Execution℠ has proven consistently effective in producing dramatic improvements in performance, from small start up organizations to large established companies.

Whether it’s a comprehensive corporate transformation or just solving a specific problem, we do it quickly, effectively, and with stunning results guaranteed.