Changing Minds: The Power of Neuroscience-Based Narratives

The story drives how engaged employees are, how attractive products and services are to customers, and how the market values an enterprise.

A compelling story is the competitive advantage.

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    All great leaders tell an aspirational story

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    It’s the story that drives decision-making

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    The narrative is a strategic plan on steroids

Leveraging the Way the Mind Works

We experience the world as stories we tell ourselves, according to the latest research from neuroscience. Rather than faithful records, these narratives are personal creations based more on what’s going on inside of our heads than outside. They drive how we think, feel, and act.


This simple insight turns the conventional wisdom literally on its head. If we want real change, we need to go beyond behavior to the story that drives it. Stories are more than just simple anecdotes illustrating a point. They define our identities, enable us to empathize with others, and change the minds that drive behavior and decision-making.

When people encounter a more attractive story, they immediately adopt it as their own, and think and act in line with it. The science of constructing compelling narratives gives us the ability to systematically change the minds of individuals and organizations.

Whether it’s leading, selling, or transforming a business, our seminars, workshops, and coaching enable you to use narratives to produce unprecedented results.

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